Thank you Philadelphia Sports Acupuncture for helping me stay healthy so I can compete!
A. Wilson, Track and Field Athlete, Olympian, American Record holder, Bronze medal at 2017 outdoor world championships, Silver medal at 2016 indoor world championships.

Thank you Mr. Bong for helping me get my hamstring back strong and healthy!!
— B. Bing, Superbowl XLVI Champion

In 2010, I shattered my C5 vertebra and suffered a spinal cord contusion. Even though I did not experience any paralysis, my injury and the resulting chronic pain used to define my life. It dictated my day, determined my mood, and limited my hobbies. After working with Chad, this is no longer the case. I don’t wake up in pain anymore. I can run again. I can push my physical limits — even jump over barriers in a cyclocross race — and my body doesn’t hate me afterwards. I’m so thankful for the customized massage/acupuncture treatment that Chad provides. It’s truly changed my life.
Kristen, Philadelphia, PA

As a national level competitor in olympic style weightlifting, who has athletic history including collegiate tennis, triathlons, and cross fit, sports injuries are nothing new to me. After a suffering a forearm/elbow injury I spent 5 months seeing a myriad of doctors and therapists with no improvement. With 3 months to go before the American Open Weightlifting Championships I had my first appointment with Chad. He was the first person to understand the exercises that I was doing and that as a competitive athlete I could not just take the next 6 months off. I was very skeptical about acupuncture and massage, but a few week later I was lifting pain free. I was able to compete in the American Open where I finished in 13th place. Thanks Chad.
— J. Chen, 13th place American Open Weightlifting Championships

Chad at Philadelphia Sports Acupuncture has kept me running and racing even after 82,000 miles.   
–Lauren, Local legend and second on the Runners World list for most lifetime miles for a female runner.

“Chad Bong was a huge factor in helping me have a great performance, 2:11:53 and a 7th place finish, at the 2012 Olympic marathon trials. His acupuncture techniques were used often in my build up in the prior months to the big race. Chad was dedicated enough to our relationship that he flew to Houston were theOlympic trials took place and made sure my body was at my best all the way up to the start of the race. Anyone who is able to work with Chad is a lucky person, you will be in good hands.”
— Fernando Cabada, former American 25K record holder, 7th place olympic trials marathon 2:11:53

Several running related injuries prevented me from participating in the 2009 Boston Marathon. After months of physical therapy and a cortizone injection, I thought my running days were over. After starting my sessions with Chad, I have not had to cut one workout short. I credit him with keeping me healthy and injury free this year through 3 marathons and a full IRONMAN Triathlon!!!!
— Greta Forst, Cheltenham, PA

Chad Bong has been a quintessential component in my active recovery plan for my sports-related injuries. With electro-stimulated acupuncture, I have been able to continue training and progressing towards my personal goals as an athlete. The improvement in functionality/pain management is amazingly significant, following treatment. Chad is willing to work with patients to find the most effective methods for their needs. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and it is very enlightening to discuss the physiological effects of acupuncture with him. I would highly recommend Philly Sports Acupuncture if you are looking to treat injuries and for general fatigued muscle maintenance.            
–Kim, Current Pennsylvania state record holder in her weight class and finished 7th at National University Weightlifting Championships

If you’re an athlete who is willing to have someone stick needles in them for performance pain managementrehab…etc.. Chad is your ‘guy’. If you’re an athlete who is not sure about this acupuncture stuff, Chad is still your ‘guy’.  Chad has pretty much ruined me for all other therapists out there. They just can’t live up. My expectations are too high ;-).  Chad’s patience, calm demeanor, and sincerity give him a trust worthiness in a field where I’m skeptical there are more people making promises than delivering.  With a Master’s in Exercise Science, massage therapy training, a healthy resume in endurance athletics in addition to his Acupuncture training, there was never a doubt in my mind that he understood the demands of my sport.
Philadelphia!!….you’re just lucky to have someone this good in your ‘hood.
–K. Granroth, two time participant in the Biathlon Olympic Trials