This is a page inspired by Derek Sivers designed to share with the world what I am currently focused on. This in turn gives me a reason to think about what is currently important to me, hopefully helping me decide where to focus my time.

This post is on 12/18/2015

Fine tuning my acupuncture practice so that I continue to love going to work. Factors that I am working with are style of my practice, types of cases that I will take on, location, number of treatments per week, fees, and how many people I want working out of my office.

Contemplating my teaching career. My current thoughts range from expanding my teaching to taking a few years off to spend more time at my practice, learn more, and refine what I will teach in the future.

Creating the Sports Acupuncture Alliance with he gaol of advancing the sports acupuncture specialty by bringing people together to share knowledge.

Interviewing awesome people for the Pinpoint Performance Podcast. Most recently I interview Arno Ilgner about dealing with fear and making good decisions while under stress.

Preparing for a big life change.

climbing indoor (fake) rocks for fun!