As a service to our patients Philadelphia Sports Acupuncture provides the complementary service of pre-event performance acupuncture. You must be a patient in order to receive this benefit, as we need to know your medical history and have some understanding of how your body responds to acupuncture.

As most athletes know it is not a good idea to try something new the day of a big event. So we need to test these protocols during training to find the ideal combination of points for you as an individual. Then when you are competing, you can feel completely confident that everything we do will be beneficial to your performance.
Whitfield Reaves has been perfecting performance protocols over the past 30 years working with elite athletes since 1982. Chad has had the great fortune to learn performance acupuncture directly from one of the pioneers of the subject. During his years of study with Whitfield, Chad has spent time working alongside him to fine tune treatment plans for elite athletes. Chad has been entrusted the care of some of Whitfield's most elite athletes during times he as been unable to treat them. Now back on the east coast, Chad is working with athletes here to help them achieve their optimal performance.

As this research article shows (
click here), acupuncture can be helpful immediately before a competition but the greatest benefit comes from getting acupuncture throughout training. With acupuncture, massage, stretching, and targeted strengthening exercises we can decrease your chance of injury and keep you training at your highest level. A quick boost before competition can be a nice bonus, but consistent training is where the most gains can be made. Call or email Chad to learn more about our sports performance program.
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