Below you will find the latest info on Chad’s continuing education teaching schedule. This section is for practicing acupuncturists who would like to continue there eduction in orthopedic and sports acupuncture topics.

St. Augustine, Florida
Three Weekend Series: These classes will be limited to 21 people so that we can have quality practice with supervision. There will also be one assistant for these classes. (Preference given to those doing all three weekends).

Price: $1400 for all three weekends or $510 per individual weekend

Ortho Sport Acupuncture: Assessment and Treatment of Upper Extremity
November 2 – 3, 2018
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Contact: Catherine Ford: orthosportacu@gmail.com or (407) 342 – 5999

Ortho Sport Acupuncture: Assessment and Treatment of Lower Extremity
January 12 – 13, 2019
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Contact: Catherine Ford: orthosportacu@gmail.com or (407) 342 – 5999

Ortho Sport Acupuncture: Assessment and Treatment of Neck, Back, and Hips
March 9 – 10, 2019
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Contact: Catherine Ford: orthosportacu@gmail.com or (407) 342 – 5999

For information on Chad teaching in Philadelphia, please contact him at Orthosportacu@gmail.com to find out about upcoming dates, as his schedule has changed.

Teaching Testimonials

“Chad’s seminar was excellent.  His knowledge, experience and integrity was apparent.
Having supervision of marking and needling points built my knowledge and confidence base.” Maureen N., L.Ac

“I learned a lot to build upon techniques I’ve been using for years. The biggest thing I’m taking away is greater sensitivity at feeling the layers of tissue with the needle. Invaluable!!! The only criticism I have is less angst about teaching the spine and just get on with the material. Once he got started he was wonderful. I’m very glad I took the class. Great bunch of folks who took it too. Kudos to you Barbra for putting it all together.” Jan W. , L.Ac

“This was a perfect seminar.  The food was perfect.  I was well cared for.  The speaker and his presentation was perfect.  The facility was perfect.
Thank you for your excellent work.” Camille K., L.Ac.

Orthopedic Acupuncture Lecture Series a Success
By Emily Crum
published in Maryland Acupuncture Society’s newsletter

This year, MAS was thrilled to be able to offer a three-part lecture series on orthopedic acupuncture with Chad Bong. Following last year’s dynamic presentation by Whitfield Reeves and Chad Bong, more orthopedic acupuncture was high on the list of topics requested by members. The spaces available filled quickly, and those fast enough to score a coveted spot were not disappointed!
Throughout the year, one weekend each in April, June, and September, we met in a bright and airy healing center in historic Ellicott City. Topics covered in the small group series included: shoulder injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, hip injuries, ankle injuries, and more. Chad’s light-hearted and engaging presentation style made a normally complex subject clear. Anecdotes from his own practice made the topics relatable. Rather than feed everyone answers, the lectures were conducted in a more open format. Participants were invited to make their own tentative diagnoses based on information given, followed by a number of clear slides demonstrating the actual problem and a discussion about treatment options and the risks and benefits associated with each.
Using a deft combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice, Chad ensured that all attendees also had an opportunity to understand techniques and point locations. He moved among small practice groups confirming landmark locations and helping practitioners feel the underlying structure for accurate point location. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions about needle depth and angle, as well as to discuss when e-stim might be appropriate. I myself was pleased to receive some personalized coaching on threading needles through larger muscle groups and on bleeding, a very useful technique that is sometimes overlooked in modern acupuncture education.
Not only did Chad cover a number of useful treatment methods and tools, he also offered some of his expertise on injury prevention and on when and how a referral might be beneficial. He was happy to demonstrate some injury-prevention exercises and stretches, sometimes standing on a chair to make sure everyone could see! He made sure to mention supplemental treatments from other healing modalities that might help ease a patient through their injury, often with colorful examples of patients who had benefitted.
By the end of our final weekend together, participants were sad to see our time together as a small group end, as well as eager to put some of these new techniques to the test. Many of us already had one or more patients whose injuries benefited from one or more of the treatments covered. Who can say how many more we will be able to successfully treat with these new tools of the trade?
Many and profound thanks are due to Chad Bong, who we hope will come back for another round of lectures in the future, and to Barbra Esher for finding the perfect space and providing healthy and delicious snacks for everyone. This was a wonderful lecture series. And if there is indeed a second round in the future – sign me up!


Chad Bong, M.S., L. Ac.
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Chad Bong was a contributing writer to The Acupuncture Handbook of Sports Injuries and Pain and is one of the founders of the Sports Acupuncture Alliance and the Pinpoint Performance Podcast.

Chad’s interest in sports medicine comes from being an athlete throughout his life. In high school he competed in football, baseball, and cross-country skiing, as well as endless weight training to improve his performance on the field. His football career continued in college while he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education in 1999. While working on his Master degree in Exercise Science at Northern Michigan University, he also served as a strength and conditioning coach for college’s the football program. While at Northern Michigan, Chad worked in the research lab, providing him the opportunity to run sports medicine testing on various parameters of exercise physiology for numerous future Olympians, professional cross-country skiers, and biathletes.

After obtaining a Master degree in 2002, Chad Bong also completed an 800-hour massage therapy program at The Institute of Natural Therapies. During this time he had a private practice that combined personal training with massage. However, being drawn towards acupuncture and how this modality could be incorporated into his work with athletes, in 2005 he began the study of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado. Chad completed the program with his second Master degree in 2008. His specialty internship clinics included Sports Medicine, the Boulder County Aids Project, and advanced Japanese techniques.

Concurrent to these studies, Mr. Bong completed a six-month Acupuncture Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program, taught by Whitfield Reaves. He has since served as an assistant in Whitfield’s subsequent programs and other weekend seminars for acupuncturists. In the past few years, he has worked to bring the orthopedic and sports acupuncture community together to learn by helping to found the Sports Acupuncture Alliance and the Pinpoint Performance Podcast.

Chad currently lives and practices acupuncture in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Bong lives with his wife Meghan, daughter Fiona, and their dogs Bailey and Barkley. In his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing, cycling, and reading orthopedic texts!

Chad can be contacted at orthosportacu@gmail.com